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Electric Forms ®
Your Digital Ordering Solution
Our Electric Forms ® makes ordering complex products a snap. Each form is custom developed to match the product being ordered. super intelligent order forms include configuration, pricing, business logic, and more all packed into a single page order form that any sales person can use to quote products and enter orders.


Electric Folders ®
Your Document Storage Solution
Our Electric Folders ® product builds a giant order portal capable of storing and organizing all of the documents that make up the order, including Electric Forms, word document, excel spreadsheets, pdf documents, faxes, scans, power point presentations, and more. All of the documentation that comprises an order can be stored in one place, electronically, available securely to those who process it.
Electric Workflow ®
Your Order Processing Solution
Our Electric Workflow ® product routes the documents which make up an order to the right person at the right time. Business rules and routings are codified into our software decision software that measures cycle times and quality targets.


Custom Software Development
Electric Ordering Technology
Dennis Dayta Systems is a software development company dedicated to the promotion and expansion of Electronic Ordering systems. We've created over 100 custom software products for the leading companies in the Manufacturing industry. What can we do for you?

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